Why Are You Here?

A good question.  You are here for the following reasons:

  1. You like music.
  2. You like reading about music.
  3. You like humor.
  4. You like mixing music with humor.
  5. Most importantly, you like wasting time reading about things that are more or less inconsequential to your life, but amuse you because they distract you from your aforementioned life.

I hope you are here for at least one of the above reasons.  If not, good luck.

I subscribe to the Kurt Vonnegut school of writing.  I believe particularly in Point 1 of his tips (in the link), which is to say even though you will clearly waste your time reading my blog, my goal is that you won’t actually think you are wasting your time.

I imagine this blog will head in all sorts of strange directions, but I plan for this blog to have two posts a week.  The content will range from good to great, with a scattering of merely ok and awful in between.

I appreciate any comments/thoughts on anything.  This blog will always be a work in progress and your mind is probably better than mine, so I’d love to steal your thoughts.


Happy reading!


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